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Flights of Passion

January 26, 2015

flights of passion by

You ask God to take it away because you can’t see it happening.

You try to push it down because when it bubbles up, it only hurts.

You try to change it because maybe if you reshape it, then it will be more acceptable,



Your passion.

It seems like an ethereal being that floats in and out of your life, tormenting you because you can’t have it. Yet it’s beautiful and shining and wonderfully…radiant.

But you…






you believe that it can happen. Somewhere inside you it just won’t die. It just keeps growing and sometimes it doesn’t feel like torment it feels like joy. For a moment you let yourself believe because you think that there might be a possibility of it happening. Sometimes there are moments when the opportunity does arrive to see it fly, to see it soar high and happy and free.

But it eventually has to land because it’s time to make dinner, or get the kids ready for bed, or wipe away tears after spilled milk. Sometimes it landed out of sheer exhaustion. Perhaps a  lack of resources or support or distraction cut it’s flight short this time.

But I’ll tell you this, my sister, if it’s your true passion it will fly again one day. In the right season, in the right time.




When all that is needed comes together. So that can  it fly free without having to land again.

There will be the resources, the provision, the support and the time to see it soar higher and higher. When it bubbles up you can let it bubble as much as it wants to. It can shine as bright as it needs to.

Maybe, just maybe those same kids that you made dinner for, or wiped tears from their eyes will help you in accomplishing this flight of passion. They will be passengers on board because you gave them first class seats to your life. They will soar through the clouds and be enveloped in the warm glow of your creativity. They will be inspired to take their own flight into great skies one day. You will know that flame that was to hot to touch is now a torch that leads and teaches and encourages others.

Others that you were once like a long time ago.

They will look up into that sky

while their fires burn

and believe

that one day

their dreams




Link up your inspiring post, poem, artwork, etc and share some encouragement!

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10 Ways to Get Inspired

January 19, 2015

10 ways to get inspired by

You’ve been working really hard on your blog, building your network, promoting it, and creating content. Maybe you’ve been staying really focused on your business day and night constantly trying to be productive and move forward with your goals. You are excited and passionate to keep going but something seems to be missing…

You just don’t feel inspired.

The ideas aren’t coming even though you really want them to. You carved out some time to work but now that darn cursor is blinking at you, tormenting you, daring you to





Most of the work I do is creative and I really enjoy coming up with new ideas but sometimes I hit a wall. My heart is willing but inspiration is weak. I wanted to share with you my top 10 ways to get inspired when you feel like the thrill is gone.

1. Rest

Sometimes your body is just plain tired. It’s hard to think about ideas, formulate thoughts and stay focused when you are tired. Assess your energy level and see if those late nights up working is finally catching up with you. (I say sleep with one caveat. If you find that you are sleeping too much and completely losing joy for things you normally love to do this could be a sign of depression. See a doctor if you feel something is wrong.)

2. Take a walk

Getting fresh air and looking at some different scenery will allow your subconscious  mind to work on discovering solutions while your conscious mind can focus on something else for a while. Sometimes we can get in our own way by thinking too much about something. Nature can be very inspiring because it allows us to be in organic spaces rather than man made surroundings. Wonder at the beauty of flowers, animals, and eco systems. Allow your eyes to gaze at the clouds, the sky, a sunset. Let your mind take in the enormity of the universe in which we live. Trust me, you will get inspired.

3. Talk with a friend

Call  a good friend up that you love to talk to. This friend is someone you have fabulous conversations with. You have a great time talking with them and always walk away feeling inspired and bubbling over with new ideas. I would encourage you to do as much listening as you can. Many times getting out of your own head and just being present with a good friend can get the inspirational juices flowing. When it’s your turn to talk share what your goals and dreams are. Hearing them again out loud will remind you of why you are doing what you are doing.

4. Watch a movie

Not just any movie, your favorite most inspiring movie. The movie that makes you feel like you can do anything after you watch it. The movie that gets you thinking about life and it’s meaning. One of my favorite movies are the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. It’s epic! It makes me think about beautiful cinematography, the fight of good and evil, what does it mean to be a hero as well as a friend. Keep your mind open to the themes that you see. Observe what you are feeling. Just enjoy it.

5. Listen to music.

Recently I’ve discovered the Interstellar soundtrack because of a friend. Film soundtracks tend to be very inspiring in general but music has a way of transporting our minds into magnificent situations. Taking sometime to take a break from reality can open your mind to ideas you had not thought of before. The key is to listen to the music rather than doing something else at the same time. This is another way to allow your conscious mind to take a break from the task and allow your subconscious mind to work on your project.

6. Read scripture, inspirational quotes, or an inspirational blog

Words have power. We all know that. Choose to read words that uplift, bring insight, and help you to feel encouraged. How you feel can directly impact your inspiration level. When you feel overwhelmed, pressured or worried it blocks the flow of inspiration. Take the time to focus and calm your mind so your ideas can flow.

7. Wash your hair

Seriously, this is my FAVORITE thing to do when I need to get inspired. Don’t laugh. The shower IS THE BIZ when you need to work things out. For us moms the bathroom is our haven. When I’m in the shower it feels like I get a break but I don’t feel guilty because I’m getting something done at the same time. A hot shower also let’s me zone out and relax. I just let my mind wander over things and see what ideas naturally  come up. The key is to be able to observe the ideas without putting pressure on yourself to figure out how to make them  happen.

8. Laugh

Seriously, call your friends and go play! Laugh and have fun. Get those endorphin’s pumping through your system. Smiling will help you to feel happier and improve your outlook in general and on your situation. Sometimes putting things into perspective is just what we need to go back to work. When I take some time to go have fun, engage in a hobby or just hang out with friends I find that I am refueled and refreshed with a reminder of the blessings I have in my life. Sometimes the thing that I thought was a huge problem begins to shrink in size because I got away from it for a while. Looking at it with fresh eyes can really bring fuzzy things into focus.

9. Just do it

Sometimes we can over analyze our work, or put too much pressure on ourselves for something to be perfect the first time around. By giving yourself permission to just start and the constraint to not edit yourself, you might be surprised with what happens. When I’m writing a piece or working on a craft sometimes I can’t see the whole picture. It’s just about putting one foot in front of the other and letting it unfold like a flower during the process.

10. Trust the Process

I once heard someone make an analogy that life can be like driving at night with the headlights on. You can only see so far in front of you but you keep going because the next hundred feet will be revealed to you as you go. Life is like that, it’s revealed to us more and more as we move forward. Sometimes we need to just trust the process and have faith that we will know and discover more along the journey.

I hope that you liked 10 ways to get inspired. Of course this is not an exhaustive list. What are some ways that you stay inspired?

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Health Journey

Weight Loss Update with #28daychallenge

January 14, 2015

I’ve been working on losing weight…again. It’s really embarrassing how many times I’ve tried. Every time, though, I’ve learned a little bit more about being healthy and losing weight. I did it once before after I had my first daughter so keep having hope that I can do it again I guess. This time I am doing the #28daychallenge from the fit girls guide.

The fit girls is a very wide and deep network of positive women on a quest to get healthier and be their most fit self. I was really attracted to how supportive they are of their members and how well their e-book is written. They way that it’s written literally makes you feel like your best friend is sitting down talking to you.

It was a little discouraging this week to see that I gained 1 lb. I was actually flabbergasted because I did pretty good with my eating and worked out every day that I wanted to. I even upped my bench press weight to 65lbs. My goal is 100lbs by the end of the month. I’m still feeling the blow to my stomach. Speaking of stomach, I do have to say that my clothes are fitting a lot better so that is something to be happy about for sure.

Just trying to keep going, keep positive and not give up.

At the end of the video I share with you my can’t get to the gym work out. I’ve learned that it’s always good to have a back up plan for working out. Being able to just do something quick around the house really helps me when I’m feeling discouraged or stressed about not being able to get to the gym.

What kinds of things are you working on in terms of your health?

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Before and After Motherhood

January 14, 2015

Our lives change dramatically after we become mothers. We lose sleep, there’s more to juggle in life in terms of friendships, and our Friday nights look a WHOLE lot different too! Here is a video I made for the 411 Mommas which is a network of moms that I’m a part of that makes awesome and helpful youtube videos!

Please go over there and support by subscribing!

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Get Inspire(d) Link Up #2

January 12, 2015

Hey guys welcome to the Get Inspire(d) Link up #2! Thanks to all of you who participated last week and shared your inspiring posts. I was really encouraged by your insights, creativity and support. I know that this is just the beginning and it will take time to grow but I have faith that it will grow!

After a lot of thought and some conversations with friends I decided that Thursdays during Coffee Talk when I share some things that inspired me during the week I will turn that around and encourage you guys with a prompt, tag or challenge to be creative and create something inspiring to share on the Monday Link Ups. This is NOT a requirement at all. But if you want to participate and are having trouble thinking of what to share I hope that these weekly creative challenges will get your minds working.

Looking forward to reading your inspirations!

I’m trying to think of a name for ourselves. So far I’ve got Inspiration Nation, Inspirers, The Inspire(d)…

Please comment below and let me know what you think!

God Bless.

You can add this button to the bottom of the blog post you are sharing to let others know about the Link up

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Zombie Mentality Apocalypse – Overcoming Fear

January 8, 2015

I’m not the most courageous person when it comes to zombies but I found myself thinking about them the other day. I started thinking about how zombies can actually help you move forward in life.

Zombies have historically represented people who are “dead” in life. They literally just go life without passion and simply go through the motions to get through the day. If you are a person who wants to live a passionate life or pursue things that seem “different” the same mentality that these zombie people are living can start to wreak havoc on your mental state if you let it.

I was inspired to make this video for anyone who wants to fight against the “Zombie Mentality Apocalypse!”

How do you handle it when the “zombie mentality” tries to eat up your joy (brains)?

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When Mommy’s on the Phone

January 8, 2015

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like the house and the kids could be quiet for hours and as soon as I get on the phone THAT’S the moment that the kids need something from me. I feel like that happens to a lot of moms so I thought it would be a fun topic to cover for our first fun (or funny Fridays).

Oh yeah…so I’m starting a new series on my channel called Fun Fridays.

When I first had my kids I used to feel alone in my mommy experiences since I was the first of all my friends and siblings to have children. It is the major reason I reached out on the internet through blogging and youtubing. I wanted to find a mommy community I could relate to and that could relate to me. Now it’s 7 years later and I’ve been blessed to find a host of awesome talented mommy’s everywhere! I think laughing through our shared struggles is the best way to get through them. Mommy humor is the best medicine.

Dija: Can I get an Amen?

Internet Collectively says: AMEN!

Thanks as always for stopping by!

God Bless!

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The Importance of Timing

January 7, 2015

This week several things happened that reinforced the importance of timing to me.

The first thing happened while I was walking into work. I have to walk a short path between lovely tries to get into my job. While I was walking I noticed these little wisps of snow falling to the ground. It was kind of magical in a way. Let’s call them magical snow bunnies. Well one of these snow bunnies happened to fall smack down on my scarf as I walked by. At first I was like “oh man!” But then I had this overwhelming feeling of blessedness overcome me as I realized that my walk was perfectly timed so that that snow bunny blessing would fall on me.

The second thing that inspired me was a video from Marie TV where she talked about the importance of being present in each moment as we move towards our goals in life. I’ve been praying for contentment in the now while I work towards my future. It is something that I’m slowly learning and it’s increasing my joy. It’s about walking by faith and not by sight as it says in the bible. If we don’t see what we want to see around us we need to keep taking the steps to make it happen but walk with faith and joy along the way while we trust the process.

Lastly, I decided to take the kids to my favorite coffee shop to do homework. They didn’t want to go but something in me felt called to the coffee shop. I wanted to enjoy the evening with the kids before we went home because we were anticipating bad weather and no school the next day. You know what that means! Stuck in the house the WHOLE next day. While we were there a news reporter came in and interviewed the kids about their feelings about the snow and the possibility of school closing the next day. The kids were soo excited to be on the news and I was excited for them! Imagine if I had listened to the kids and went home instead. We would have missed out on a cool opportunity!

So now it’s the time that I’ve been waiting for! It’s time to announce the book club book for January!

Drum roll please….

January book club

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy Ph. D., D.D. This is an oldie but a goodie and I’m looking forward to going on an amazing journey with you on this book!

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5 Things you Need to Have in Place Before Starting your Weight Loss Journey

January 7, 2015

If any of you have been following me you know that I’ve tried numerous times to lose weight. The problem is that when life gets flipped turned upside down I fall off the fitness band wagon. I think that happens for a lot of us. So here are the 5 things I think that are needed before starting a weight loss journey. This time I am starting with some plans in place that I hope will help me to be successful this time around. I want to have a changed lifestyle along with a changed body!

1. Make sure you have a workout plan

  • I think having a workout plan will help you to just focus on showing up rather than trying to figure out what you are going to do for that particular work out day. You can use home workouts from Beach body. I really enjoy the T25 series from Shaun T. I’m also using the Fit Girls Guide #28dayjumpstart workbook for home workouts for when I can’t make it to the gym. If you prefer to be a gym rat (that’s me for now!) you can show up for classes or go on to download some workouts.

2. Make sure you have an eating plan

  • Have you heard that saying that abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym? Well it’s true! You can do more damage in the kitchen than you think! I’ve always struggled with having my eating and my workouts synced because I failed to see that these really work hand in hand to get you where you want to go! I’m  also using the #28dayjumpstart from Fit girls for my eating plan. But there are ton of plans out there that you can choose from. The main thing is to find something that encourages you to eat clean, eat balanced, drink lots of water, and has variety. Because I know how we women love variety in everything from our shoes to our dinners!

3. Drink lot’s of water

  • This is something you can start right away! Choose water when you feel hungry to see if it’s just thirst you’re feeling. Drink water to have pretty glowing skin. Drink water in the morning and at night. Water will help your body release toxins and make you feel better and sleep better. Water is your friend. Buy a pretty water bottle if that’s what’s going to get you motivated to drink water. Resolve to fill that baby up every hour and drink if you need to! Have a drinking party with your buddies at work. (Water of course). You can do it!

4. Get determined!

  • This was a big one for me. There was a time in college where I wanted to get more fit. So I did. It was easy. The weight just melted off. I was also 19 years old. I did it again at 23 after I had my first baby and I was teaching aerobic classes at my church. Since then I had two more babies back to back and haven’t been able to shake the weight! In fact I weigh what I did AFTER I had my first child! For some reason my mind was still stuck in it’s 20′s and I needed to face the music. I ain’t in my 20′s no mo’! Seriously tho’. I’m not. I might be young at heart but my butt is going to take a little convincing to get there as well. I also had to realize that this is going to be hard. It’s going to be challenging and I need to go into this with my game face on and resolve that I’m not going to give up.

5. Get support!

  • Maybe you don’t have support around you but you can find support through online communities like beach body, fitgirlsguide on instagram, and many more. If you are fortunate to have supportive friends around you  TELL THEM what you are doing and get accountable! Tell them to ask you about your workouts when they see you. Now don’t go avoiding them now. Show up and get that support! Another way I’ve gotten support is by talking to my husband about it. He offered to help me more with the kids so I could work out. Just the little act of taking them to school for me has been such a huge help! I hope that these tips help you out on your journey! Verse: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil: 4:13

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Get Inspire(d) Link up #1

January 5, 2015

Whaaaat? It’s finally here!

Get Inspired Link up #1

The Get Inspire(d) Link up is finally here!

If you are wondering what the heck is the Get Inspire(d) Link up, wonder no more.

I’ve always wanted to have a community of like minded crazy go getters in my life. I’ve also wondered how I could create more of a community feel over here at The Inspire(d) Cafe.  Creating this link up was an idea I had over a year ago to bring together inspiring stories, videos, thoughts from other  creators to help inspire others on their life journey. I believe that we are all conduits of inspiration. We give and receive inspiration. That is core to humanity and survival of our dreams! So please take a moment and link up something you found inspiring this week. Remember to keep it positive and uplifting!

After you link up, get some coffee (or tea), sit down and Get Inspire(d)!

How this works:

  • Link an inspirational or motivational blog post
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In this video I shared something that was on my heart that inspired me this week in terms of having the right mindset and heartset while pursuing my New Year’s resolutions.

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